Kloster Mariensee

Convent of Mariensee

A message from the Abbess Görcke:

“Sharing our home and our way of living and working during the Pop Up Monastery has been a very enriching experience for us. The Convent (a Monastery for women) was founded 800 years ago. Until 1543 the Convent lived according to the rules of the Cistercians, an order belonging to the Benedictine family. Then the Lutheran reformation took place and the women became Protestant. The present house of the Convent was built between 1726-1729.

Women have been praying and working at this place for centuries. They have always been attentive to the needs of their time. During the Pop Up Monastery we found out in communication and silence that we share the longing for justice and peace with women from all over Europe. May the shared experience empower us to work for a better future in God’s world.”

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