praySilence and Prayer

​We all speak different languages, and this can sometimes be an obstacle as we try to communicate with one another. Through silence we can connect to ourselves and to each other on another level, opening up a world beyond words. You will experience periods of silence and prayers from different traditions, and also vigils where we will watch, wait and pray for those in need.


A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Many pilgrimages are associated with specific places of spiritual importance, but they can also be a metaphorical journey into one’s own beliefs. There will be the opportunity to take part in a pilgrimage with others, and to reflect on life’s journey.

gardenHerb Garden

The study of herbs and developing medicine was a traditional part of monastic life. Many monasteries still have large collections of herbs, and the teachings of herbology tell us about our own health and our connections to nature. We will be given the opportunity to study the science and benefits of herbs, and to experience the therapeutic side of gardening.


Creativity plays an important role in monastic traditions. Activities such as embroidery, pottery, woodwork, basket weaving, caligraphy and icon painting have been transmitted from generation to generation. At the Pop Up Monastery you will be given the opportunity to try some of these activities, and discover your creative potential.

musicSinging and Music

Monasteries are associated with a rich musical heritage, and most typically with the Gregorian chant. This simple musical form reflects the simple lifestyle and repetitive patterns of monastic life. Besides being guided to sing these chants, the participants will be invited to bring their own music and songs to share. There will also be the opportunity to join an ad hoc choir.

eatFood and Cooking

Coming from different countries and cultures, we all have our own traditions in relation to preparing and cooking food. The social aspect of sharing a meal around the table is an important part of our well-being, and is also deeply rooted in the Christian religion. You will be given the opportunity to share some specialities from your home countries with one another, and have your taste buds opened to food from different parts of Europe.