About us


A project of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women

The EFECW is a church-related organisation that is active in more than 30 European countries, forming a network of women from all Christian denominations. It was founded in 1982 in Gwatt, Switzerland. The EFECW works towards helping women to find a common European identity and to take action in their communities. Throughout its thirty-year history the forum has brought together women from the East and West, North and South of Europe, giving them the opportunity to share traditions and to act together for justice and peace.

The main aim of the forum is that women will be educated and informed about the new challenges facing Europe at this time, and equipped to work effectively in overcoming divisions and building community, with the support and encouragement of a European ecumenical family.

Monastic Traditions

​The monastic tradition is a way of life that unites all Christian denominations, yet throughout history has developed very different expressions according to the cultural, theological and social context. Despite the differences, the fundamental elements remain the same – a structured life of prayer and common living, and contribution to the local community. Monasteries have often been associated with the provision of education, contributions to research, the production of goods and the writing of music.

The Pop Up Monastery is an opportunity to:

  • Build a community of all generations
  • Be inspired by traditional and modern monastic life
  • Develop ecumenical spirituality
  • Work and worship
  • Engage with the local community
  • Share life and experience
  • Learn new skills